Where Should a Boat Compass Be Mounted – Tips for Boat Operators

where should a boat compass be mounted

Even with countless electronics and technological breakthroughs, some pieces of boat equipment have stood the test of time and still find their uses in modern sailing. A compass is one of them, and it takes its rightful place as one of the simplest and most reliable devices. Today we will talk about its uses, features, … Read more

10 Best Boat Waxes for Boat Detailing 2024 – For Glossy and Shiny Exterior

Boat Waxes for Boat Detailing And For Glossy and Shiny Exterior

Cruising with your own boat is an activity that can be very relaxing and entertaining, especially when family and friends surround you. It is a way to spend some quality time on your vacation or day off. However, maintaining the boat can be potentially problematic, especially if you do not have the best boat waxes … Read more

10 Best Outboard Motor for Saltwater 2024 – Reliability and Performance

Outboard Motor for Saltwater for Reliability and Performance

Outboard motors have been rising in popularity at a very high pace over the course of years and have become a go-to product for anglers, adventurers, and water activity enthusiasts alike. They are a dominant force on the market due to their reliability, so today, we are going to take a look at the best … Read more

Where Is the Best Place to Store a Fire Extinguisher on a Boat – Safety Tips

fire extinguisher on boat

If you are a boat owner, you want to ensure that the safety is on the highest possible level. Since the boats are generally a significant investment, keeping the security to the highest standards is of the essence. Today we are going to take a look at the best place to store a fire extinguisher … Read more